BFX error code: 25 on BCC Pan and Zoom

I recently opened an Avid MC UHD project that I had not worked on in a few months and noticed that all of a sudden I’m getting the error code 25 on all clips that have BCC Pan and Zoom with the checkbox ‘CHECKED’ for ‘Motion Blur’. When I UNCHECK the box, the error screen goes away. It’s possible that I had made this timeline while using MC 8.4.5, but I’m currently in 2019.6 when I’ve reopened this timeline, not sure if that matters. I also get this error if I just drag the effect onto a new clip as well. Any suggestions?


Are you running Continuum 2019 v12.0.0? This was fixed in the v12.0.1 update so it should go away if you move to a newer version. The latest version of 2019 is v12.0.4 and can be found here:

Continuum 2019.5 and 2020 versions also contain the fix.

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Ah great, the upgrade fixed the problem! I just installed the latest for legacy, 2019.0.4, thank you!!!