Big portrait pic cropped when imported

Hi I have this pic

When i import it into Silhouette it gets cropped, :man_shrugging:

I’ve tried changing the session settings to the size of the pic, & Transform to reshape it.?
Am i missing a bit or does this not work with the size of pic?

If you select the image in the Sources window and then select Ctr/Cmd-N, the Session will be the same size as the image. If you don’t do this, you will have to manually create the proper session size. In your screen shot, you have the horizontal and vertical values reversed. Horizontal is first and vertical is second.

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Thanks I’ll remember that - Ctr/Cmd-N, :+1::+1:
I’ve sorted it out, somewhere this pic has been rotated in Windows, in the folder & when opening it looks the correct way around in portrait, but the orig must have been in landscape & windows is still holding on to that info,
I found out because i opened the pic in GIMP to export it at a smaller res or a 16:9 png transparent background, it asked me if i wanted to keep the orig, i kept the rotated version (no 16:9 png transparent background or any alteration) & exported under a different name, it then fitted on/in Silhouette fine.

That’s the size of the pic, i’ve got it the right way around in my screenshot it’s a portrait pic so as you say horizontal first which is the smaller of the two no’s, 2252 wide x 4000 high