Big RED X across my image in Sapphire Plug-in for Adobe Ps 2022?

In Adobe Ps when I select Filter - Boris FX - Sapphire it starts the Sapphire Effects Builder but my image has a big red X thru it??

When I click on “Cancel” button my source image in Adobe Ps is modified as such:

Why would a “Cancel” make any changes at all to my source image?

Cheers, Rob.

A Red X indicated a license problem. Contact support to get sorted.


Hi Brian

Case submitted for this Mocha issue and Sapphire issue.

Cheers, Rob.

I came here to discuss the same issue…My theory is that if you started your subscription before they released the photoshop plugin then you are (until they manually fix it) out of the plugin…

I submitted a case for myself as well… Since I dont see a place to purchase a sapphire for photoshop plugin and I dont see a new license added in my account… I bet they have to manually create one…

I guess you have to have created your subscription when they photoshop plugin was available… I tried to use the same sapphire plugin license when I installed it and it even accepted it…which is weird…

anyway well see how long this takes… I am hoping tomorrow someone will fix it…

Thanks Rob