Big Red X over my footage that uses BCC filters?

I need to update a project from last year and opened it to find big red x’s over anything that used a BCC filter.

I’m using FCP 10.4.6 with BCC 2020 on a 12-core 64GB MacPro running High Sierra.

I tried using the BCC Licensing tool in FCP. My license is current. I reactivated it and restarted FCP, but that doesn’t remove any red x’s.

What am I missing? I need to remove these Red X’s.


Hi Jaeson,

I’ve forwarded this onto one of our support members so hopefully he’ll be able to assist you with that. You might also want to file a support ticket here : Boris FX | Open a Case


Hello Peter,

Thank you. I sent an email to support via the BorisFX webpage a little earlier, but didn’t know if I’d get a response back late on Friday, so I also posted in the forum to see if anyone had suggestions.



Thanks. I should have followed up sooner. Tech support did respond. I was finally able to get it resolved.

Hi, it’s been a while since this happened to you but is there anything you can add to say how Tech Support helped you get this resolved, was it at their end or did you do something on your PC?

I don’t recall exactly, but I think they checked/verified my account registration, I reset/rebooted/etc. Been ok so far.

Sometimes though, I open projects from years ago, pre-subscription days. I just wonder what happens down the road if I need to revisit a project from today and something is no longer there with a Boris subscription or some other subscription.