Black keyframes are hard to read in dope sheet

Not sure why someone thought that making inactive keyframes in the dope sheet 2 shades darker than the background they live on was a good choice.

Something with a little more contrast/color would make a lot more sense. As it stands now, I have to lean forward to see where my keyframes are.

Thanks for the feedback, I will let @martinb know and we can make a user story for this.


Thanks! Appreciate everything y’all do!

That is a bug. They should be yellow. What specific version are you running?
We fixed this in v7.5.1, so if you’re still seeing the issue, we’d like to know asap!

As a side note, please write subject headings that are clear to the issue at hand. Other forum users who are experiencing problems with this issue will not know what your subject line is referring to, so it’s better if the subject line is something like “Black keyframes are hard to read in dope sheet”.

I know, I know. I was in a bit of a moment of frustration and bemusement.

Mocha Pro Plugin 2020 7.0.4 in AE 2020. Standalone seems to work as expected.


So it looks like I am running an older version of Mocha. I wasn’t planning on upgrading, I’m not really needing any of the new feature set, I’d simply like to be able to see the keyframes in my currently licensed version.

Okay, so you are on an earlier version.

The fix for this problem was addressed in v7.5.1.

Thanks for updating the topic! :slight_smile:

So I have to pay for another license for the privilege of seeing my keyframes in my dope sheet?

Or maybe my current license covers this update? It’s difficult to tell in my account page what version my current license covers.

v7.5 is an update requiring a current license and/or upgrade and support contract, but I’m not sure which account you are using. You can DM me if you need clarification with your private serial number.