Black point/White point on linear images

You have that “Log Reference White” and “Log Reference Black” controls in the clip settings. Let us change the white point/black point of the image without having to do change the image to “Log”.

This is helpful where you have to roto something that is in almost complete darkness or super bright sunlight and gamma just isn’t enough because you need to see what little detail there is (even if it is grainy as piss). Silhouette has this option and it is really useful.

I know people are going to say, just use the log image. Well many larger vfx companies do all the log/lin conversion in the I/O department and we don’t have access to the log images (they get quickly archived after the conversion so they aren’t taking up space on the server).

I thought the log/lin and gamma is only display based. If it’s not, then what is it?

Oh ok, but it’s a roto application so I don’t know when you would actually render anything except the matte from the roto.

So yes, a proper lookup system would work. Though it is roto, so even in Silhouette the ability to load a lut is overkill. Compositing, yes, but when do you ever need that for roto? Black point, white point and gamma is pretty much all you need.

Would the correct feature not be a true Viewer Lookup that only effects display?

—Quote (Originally by dekekincaid)—
I thought the log/lin and gamma is essentially a lookup. If it’s not, then what is it?
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If you save the RGB clip i.e. RGBA (embedded alpha) the settings will apply to the render. This is a legacy feature from Mokey and Monet.

Hence my question/suggestion to develop a proper Viewer Lookup.

Yeah like I said it’s legacy Mokey / Monet features.

The risk is that some people to render RGBA from Motor and if they do fiddle it could be a problem. Hence me motivating on a Viewer Lookup on the Roto and Tracking only apps. (Motor and Mocha)