Black Screen of death bug

Is the happening across all variant’s of Mocha Pro and host OS’s or is it limited to OFX and Mac ?

I ask because I’m getting it all the time now, so about three or four times per Mocha OFX session and I would happily use a different version of Nuke if it made a difference.

Mac Pro 2013 2x AMD D700. 64GB Ram Sierra.


Turn off GPU tracking in Mocha Preferences under the GPU tab and see if you get the same error, while we should support the AMD FirePro D700 on Mac on our supported card list, it might be the driver is acting up:

Alternatively, make sure the proper card is selected in the GPU tab.

Can you see if that works? If so, we need to explore the drivers.


We’ve seen some issues with the D700 recently, mainly related to GPU remove crashes, but the black screen bug is still under investigation.
We’ve predominantly seen the black screen issue on Mac so far, but it’s been hard to reproduce in our tests. This has happened to a few users and we’re investigating.

Andrew is the entire screen going black, or just the viewport?

It varies but more recently the entire screen except for the very surround - so no UI except for Mac minimise maximise close buttons.

Still working on the “disable” cpu option but need more time before I can conclude it works.


FWIW - we are seeing this on PC’s as well viewport & whole window.

Thanks Andrew, can you shoot me your logs for both Windows and Mac over email? We’d like to see if any correlations on the GPUs are causing the problem.

Martin - do you have somewhere safe I can send a screen recording as well ?

You can send it directly to my email address.