Blackmagic issue

Mocha won´t display imported Blackmagic 10 bit 1920x1080. Is this something that will be fixed in an update. Only get black screen.


Same here with BMD 8bit…I get torn green/pink lines on black noise.

I have to export a TGA sequence or totally uncompressed AVI for Mocha to read it, which is a real problem as it changes the colour space, so I have to combine original footage with matte runs from mocha when rotoing…it’d be nice to just output a 32-bit AVI with Alpha from Mocha instead of multiple passes.

Also - I’ve been getting very weird field problems with any sequences/movs outputted from Mocha…PLEASE SOMEONE SORT THIS ASAP!! I can’t use any of my roto work!

Here, here! I’m guessing you have more Mocha users than Monet & Mokey, so please please make this app what it should be!

That said, I’d never track or roto with anything else these days.

Yeah, I´m using a MacPro with osx 10.4.10 and I have to render it out to QuickTime None to import it.

I just spent three hours exporting image sequences to work around this limitation. Mocha saves me time on long complex shots, but the inability to import Kona files means a lot of wasted effort converting to image sequences for little things I’d prefer to duck into Mocha to do.

Also, the general instability of the application is frustrating. If you guys at Imagineer are having trouble supporting your existing apps, why do you keep adding new ones to your portfolio? First Motor and then Mocha-AE… Why not consolidate the apps as much as possible and try to bring in more revenue by reducing cost as with the freelancer discount? Lock out feature sets by disabling buttons instead of building separate app binaries…I think people will accept that if the development cycle can be sped up a bit and bugs get squashed faster. This QuickTime issue got raised back in October, and it seems like RC1 has been sitting on the server since December…