Blank frame in output node playback

I noticed that sometimes I’m getting a few blank frames spaced out through my clip in my final comp’d output node, and the way to get it to re-render the frame is to deactivate and then reactivate my roto node that is up the node tree. Is there another way to refresh the frames? Thanks for any help on this :slight_smile:

Is there a specific roto node that is causing this or is this consistent with the roto node in general for you?

It seems to be happening with the same roto node, which has a few hundred shapes, and at random frames if I make a roto adjustment.

If they’re tracked, it may be one of the rotoshapes has bad tracking data. Can you check and see if any behave oddly?

I checked all of the 14 different tracks, but nothing looks out of wack. It was just some minor wavering of a person’s head profile as they’re talking, nothing crazy.

After viewing all the track shapes. I turned those shapes off (since they are only for tracking and not roto) and and the black/dropped frames are gone now thankfully. Not sure what I did differently though.

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Spoke too soon, I shifted my working range a bit and the black frames are back :frowning:

@persyst I’ve had this issue before. Trying clearing the cache, but not sure if that will solve the issue.

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Thanks for the suggestion Katie, I’ll give that a shot when it happens again, and let you know if it works out for me.