Blend Modes

Hi there is anybody experiences problems w the Key and Blend MOdule
Math Composite.
BCC 15.0 on Avid MC
It used to blen fine on previous version

Hi there!

Can you describe the problem that you’re experiencing and also include which filters from the Key & Blend unit are not performing as expected?

Trying to do this key blend mode…ADD mode
But its not doing it right

I used Math Composite, from BCC key n Blend
But need to reactivate ASAP, please. My activation is not working

Hi there! I can’t assist with the license reactivation (which you should be able to do via your account on our web site) but I had a look at the Math Composite filter and it appears to be working as expected. Did you set the background layer in the filter? Can you describe what part of it is not working on your system?