Blend Particle Illusion over white

Hello, When I use a project file of fire on black screen i have to blend it in Premiere with Screen.
It does not work over a white background. If I make that project file on a checker screen I have the same problem. What do I wrong?
Thanks for any respons.

You can’t use Screen with a white background – this is not a PI problem. Try a different transfer/compositing mode.

Hello, Thanks for the suggestion. None other blendmode works. All I want is to put a fire from Part. Illusion on another video in which you can see white paper of a book or any other white screen and so on.
I used chekerboard and black background of Part. Illusion and all variation of de blending methodes in Premiere. None works. On My age I am missing a little nephew of 12 years to explain it to me. Thanks again.

Watch this short video:

You should really watch all of the PI tutorial videos. Besides covering the basics, it covers more advanced topics and tricks.

Dear SIr, English is not the language of my mother (Dutch) so it is not so easy for me to express my gratitude for the adress of that short video. I thank you very much for it. Now I have a solution for a problem I wanted to solve. I mentioned earlier a book. That was just a coincidence that I tried it on a white page of a boek. I just wanted it to use it as a kind of brand on a white clapboard (still screen with running counter) that I made with Photoshop and Premiere. I have lived in France for 20 years ( in the summertime) in a hamlet with the name " Le Brésil " Brasil". In France that name also stands for “Braise” a place/item to cook slow food. So I called mij video’s : “La Braise Video”. Made me worldfamous in that little village ( 200 people) HIHI. LOL. So a fire on that board looks nice to impres my grandchildren I think. HIHI LOL. I did not and still do not know about the Prores Presets. I will try to find something to read about it. Thanks again. You helped me very well. Stay healthy!