Blending a V-Log foreground with a Linear stock background


I have a V-Log clip that I’m using for isolating the talent via Roto and will then comp it with a stock footage background that is already in linear color. Is there a way to apply a V-Log LUT to just my roto’d FG node, so that the composite will look cohesive before, so that I can do my additional color grading on the rendered out comp?

Thanks for the help!!

@persyst The OCIO LUT node in the Color node group will allow you to apply a LUT file to your clip. This should do the trick.

Hi Marco,

That sounds like exactly what I need, but I’m not seeing that OCIO node in v2020.5.7. Do i need to upgrade to see it? Thanks!

@persyst The OCIO nodes are new in v2021.

Aaaah ok. thanks for the info!

Just curious is there any workaround you could suggest for doing this in v2020.5.7? The only thing that comes to mind is to just a apply the LUT in AE first and export this LUT version for color matching purposes in Silhouette, and once I’m satisfied with the Comp blending I can export the V-Log roto’d version out of Silhouette. Would there be a quicker workaround? Thanks for your help!

I would go with your suggested workflow.

Ok will do Marco, thanks!