Blown-out overexposed rendered EXR files

Hello - Host is after effects - Using stand-alone Silhoutte, I have imported a JPEG image sequence and created a roto from this; opting to export an image sequence in the OpenEXR Format in Silhouette.

The reason why I am doing this is because After Effects (which is my host) reads EXR files much faster than PNG’s; and I am using an alpha channel so i need a format that supports.

The problem that I am having is that the EXR files when rendered from the 8 bit Jpegs are blown out using silhouette; that is the alpha looks about 2 stops over-exposed. When I render to PNG using silhoutte, the alpha is completely consistent with what I am seeing in my imported JPEGs, no issues. But PNG’ sequences are horribly taxing using AE.

Any knowledge as to why these rendered EXR files are blowing out?

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EXR is a 32 bit linear format and if you render a PNG sRGB source file to EXR, it will look too bright. You would be better of rendering to a RGBA TIF file in this case.

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Thanks Marco!