Blur Primatte key

I just got Primatte and it’s working well for me in Resolve. There is something that I don’t know how to do. Lets say I have a nicely keyed plant, and I want to put it in the foreground in front of the subject, but I want it to be blurred. If I try to blur the keyed layer, it blurs the content of the layer before the key, but not the alpha channel. Is there a way of making the whole lot blur? I’m doing all of this in the color page BTW, not in Fusion.

Hi Mark,

The problem is with the piping setup. You need to follow this example - see attached image.

Make sure to pipe the alpha out from the primatte node and into the alpha in on the blur node, then alpha out of the blur node to alpha out in the color tab.


Hi Peter,

Got it. That worked perfectly. Thanks so much for your help.