Blurry Image after exporting

So my problem is that when inserting the finished image under the green screen, after changing the resolution to 1920x1080, the image is blurry. I set the tracks appropriately, then did the track data, then exported.
This problem occurs in Mocha Pro and even in Mocha AE.

Does anyone know what the problem could be?

So you are saying the render quality of the insert is blurry and you are exporting data to AE?
What size is your source graphic or clip for the insert?
Are you using Transform, Corner Pin or Corner bin w/Mo blur?
Have you pre-scaled or added any effects to your insert layer?
If you can share more, we can try and help.

So, original movie is 1920x1080. My precompose is 1920x1080 also which i already done.
On export option i used Corner pin with motion blur. As for the effects, I didn’t use anything except keylight for green screen.
I don’t know if it matters how i did the tracking point in mocha pro or not ?
I used reference points, then I used auto when changing perspective in movie.

Can you send a few screenshots to show your project? Please show the shot in the Mocha interface with the Surface tool showing. Also, show the after shot in After Effects.

If the shot is a long zoom and your surface tool is scaled very large, this could be related to your blurry issue.