BlursMask in Nuke?


Im a Flame op thats recently taken up Nuke, and purchased Sapphire for Nuke as well.

Can anyone tell me if there is a S_Blursmask equivalent in the Nuke plug-ins? I use it often in Flame, and cant seem to find it anywhere.



Our Autodesk and OFX Plugins behave slightly differently due to differences in the API but almost every effect available in one is available in the other.

S_Blurs and S_BlursMask were separate in Autodesk. In OFX, S_BlursMask part of S_Blur in Nuke (and more generally any plugin that ended in Mask in Autodesk will be combined with the non-mask version in OFX). This is because the OFX plugin will still work even if the Mask input isn’t hooked up so S_Blurs and S_BlursMask didn’t have to be split into separate plugins.

The other difference between Autodesk and OFX is the way plugins are grouped. S_Blur on OFX only contains the “Blur Color” and “Blur Mono” effects from S_Blurs. The other Effects from S_Blurs were broken out into their own effects, eg. S_BlurChannels or S_BlurChroma.

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