Bokeh light effect, too many choices :) have got a favourite?

I’ve been playing with getting the bokeh light effect, using my own footage with lights not adding bokeh lights Like S_Bokehlights is, if that makes sense,
There’s a fair few options, I’ve played with a lot of them that i can find blurs, lens etc,
so have you any recommendations, maybe a good starter or one that you just know will do all you ask?

I’d suggest using the BCC Fast Lens Blur or BCC Lens Shape for that effect.

Both of these filters will generate iris shaped bokeh styled highlights over specular highlights in the filtered source with the biggest difference between these two filters being that one was designed to generate traditional iris shaped highlights (Fast Lens Blur) while the other uses a separate layer input to generate the highlight shapes, as in a logo or text object (Lens Shape).


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Thanks, BCC Fast Lens Blur is the one i was using the most :+1:
I can’t find BCC Lens Shape tho, has it been renamed?

In Vegas, that would be considered a two input effect so it will not be in that listing.

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Actually BCC Lens Shape is not available in OFX hosts at this time due to the lack of robust support for accessing alternate layers in several OFX hosts such as Vegas. It could be added, but in Vegas it would be available only as a custom compositing mode filter instead of as a general effect since that’s the only way to access a second layer in Vegas.

BCC+Rack Focus is another option to try - in some ways similar to BCC Fast Lens Blur but with differences in the look and controls.


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@PeterMcAuley @jclement
Ok, thanks, that’ll be why i can’t find Lens Shape anywhere,
I tried BCC+Rack Focus amongst a few others, :+1:
I do love the Boris stuff but there’s so much it’s like Alice going down the rabbit hole, (really not complaining :grin::+1:)