BORIS CC 9.0.2. + Vegas Pro 14. BCC Rain not working on still images (?)

Hi everyone,

I need quick professional help. I have finished editing a beautiful music video for YT, a mix of video footage and still images. But after rendering, what a bad surprise: the “BCC rain” has disappeared from photos. How come the preview window of my project shows the rain everywhere, and the final render shows it on videos only? Should I understand that one can composite the BCC rain exclusively over video events, in the timeline? If so, I need a solution. I need the rain to appear in the pictures too. Is there a way to get around the obstacle? Maybe by using a sort of a “go-between empty footage” that would accept the rain and let it appear in the final render?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I’ve been using the very same BCC plugin successfully for years, but never over images, so this is the first time such a problem happens to me.

Hi There,

This is very odd and totally unexpected. We’ll try to reproduce the issue internally and in the meantime, if you need to meet a project deadline, may I suggest that you convert the still image to a movie clip that matches the dimensions of the project that you’re working with and import the movie version, trim it to a single frame and see if that renders for you. Please let us know if this workaround helps.


Thank you so much! I will follow your direction word for word and let you know the result.