Boris Continuum license input failure

i just bought the Boris Continuum Units Filters Prospektive and wanted to input my license in the License info field in Avid Media composer but it doesn’t let me click only close and the license is then not activated.
Please help me i need to get rid of the watermark fast.

Here are my Version:
Avid Media Composer: 2018.12.6
Boris Conitnuum Units: 10.0.6

Licensing problems are best handled by contacting our Support team directly. Please create a Support case here:

That being said it, if you just purchased a license, why are you trying to use the older BCC10? New license codes would not be compatible with versions BCC10 and older. Can you install the latest Continuum 2019.5 (internal version 12.5.2)? You new license code may then work.

If there is some reason you MUST still use the older BCC10, then you will definitely need to contact Support since new licenses codes won’t work in that older software.