Boris Continuum not loading library error sx32w.dll

After installing Boris continuum 2020 I get the continuum error and it says error: could not load library sx32w.dll please try fully installing and then reinstalling . If that does not help,l please contact Boris FX support. I have installed and uninstalled continuum for Vegas pro 18 and it still can’t load the library. any suggestions on resolving this issue will be appreciated.

I don’t know for sure. I think I had an issue with this before. For me it was a plug in that was not removed from the previous install. I think i had a particle effects plugin. THan I bought the whole contumum 2019 at the time. It conflicted with the previous plugin. So i had to uninstall the plug in ans an app and it cleared it. Like I said, not 100% sure , good luck.

Thanks. I’m thinking the same thing I have the full version of continuum and the plugin with Vegas.

Yes, the most likely issue is a confused install where you have parts of two different versions of Continuum installed at the same time. I would recommend the the following:
-Uninstall any versions of Continuum OFX you find in the Windows uninstall pane
-Open the OFX plugin folder here: C:\Program Files\Common Files\OFX\Plugins
-Manually delete any folders there that start with “BCC” and which were not removed by the uninstaller, for example BCC11_OFX.ofx.bundle.
-Then re-install Continuum.

A number of years ago there was a problem with one BCC uninstaller package where it didn’t fully remove the older plugin upon uninstall/upgrade and you might have run into this.

If that doesn’t help please let us know.


Yep you were right there were uninstalled plug ins. Thanks for the tip!

That worked perfectly for me. No more errors. Thanks!!