Boris continuum problem after new vegas update!

Hello everyone!

So after the new vegas 20 update (build 326)‚ some continuum plugins crash vegas everytime I try to use them and this happened only after the vegas update as it was working fine before the update. Anyone encountering the same problem? And how to fix it? Thank in advance!

Can you please provide more details? Just which filters are crashing? What version of Continuum are you using? I haven’t been able to reproduce thus far, so the more detail you can provide the better. Did you update anything else at the same time such as drivers?


I’m using Continuum 2023 (latest version) and vegas 20 (326) build. Now it seems like all of Continuum plugins that has to do with lights (like Ambient light‚ Atmospheric Glow‚ Chromatic Aberration etc…)are crashing vegas‚ Sapphire on the other hand is working fine. Thing is before the vegas update‚ Continuum was working fine as well. So I don’t know where is the problem exactly.

We still are not reproducing this. It probably makes sense for you to file a case with our Support team. In the meantime a few more questions: is it in Vegas Pro itself or Vegas Effects? Does it happen as soon as an effect is applied or after using it a bit? Are there any error messages or just a crash? Are regular BCC effects showing this, or just BCC+ effects? Have you tried rebooting?


This happens inside vegas pro. And the crash happens once I apply the plugins right away. It seems that this only happens with BBC+ plugins‚ normal BBC plugins work fine. I already tried rebooting‚ reinstalling both vegas and Continuum and still facing the same problem.

Thanks. And can you provide hardware specifics including GPU and the GPU driver version?

Have you tried deleting the plugin cache? Perhaps there is an issue there?