Boris Customer Support - non-existent?

I have been having a licencing issue as of the recent update and attempted to contact Boris’ customer support. Has anyone else noticed they never send email confirmation that you submitted a support request? Their website claims my support request has been opened, but no follow-up.

It has been near a week, I have sent 2 emails and have left 2 voicemails to no answer, not even an acknowledgement of my request.

Has anyone else had a similar issue/found a solution?

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Hi There,

I’m really surprised to hear this as our team tends to respond very quickly. I’ll raise the issue of a return email confirmation with the group and see how we can improve on the user experience.

Meanwhile, have you tried logging into your account on our website to see if the issue can be understood or even fixed on your end?


Hi, same problem here.
On February 19th, i opened a support ticket and until today there’s no reaction. My ticket is marked with a name as Support Rep and status NEW, that’s it.

I would love to get any response (please by email). Thank you.

Have you tried contacting support directly, via email? If not then perhaps send a message to ( and include your support ticket number in your message. You can also try calling them : 1-888-77-BORIS, Outside the US, please call 617-451-9900.

Hello Peter,
thank you for your quick response.
I contacted your support via email today.
Maybe you can initiate some quality of service, because you implemented an online ticketing system, that’s not really working. if a customer has to contact your support via email or phone.
What’s going wrong there?
Kind regards.

Thank you for reaching out to support via email - I hope they can solve the issue you’ve encountered with our software in short order. I’ll share your concerns with the group - hopefully they’ll find a way to improve their system and avoid issues such as this where you had to reach out to them via email after filing a ticket.


Hi Peter, I know this is an older post. I have TWO support issues currently with Sapphire, and have not been able to get much if any help. Neither has our in-House VFX team. You say you are surprised to hear, but I have logged a support ticket and followed up with my account rep, who has NEVER replied to me. I assume he no longer works there?

Meanwhile, I now have a licensing issue. I had some help last week, but the help seems to have moved on… I can not get any resolution to my continued license problem. I cannot work.

What exactly is happening over at Boris? Are you short staffed?

Our production is going to season 3, and at this point, I cannot recommend BorisFX, we are going to have to switch to an alternative FX package. The in-house team has licensing issues on the farm, and they have given up trying to get help (no one would reply, just like my experience).

So while you may be surprised at the lack of support form BorisFX, it seems users are not.

As a follow up, I tried calling the number you referenced above, but no one picked up the phone or replied via email.


I’m not able to find any recent tickets under your email account. Do you have a ticket number I can search for?


HI Victor, I was contacted via the chat app on the Boris website by Mike M., and he sent over render licenses. I got them installed and they show up, but the red X still shows up. I sent back that info Fri, Sat and today, but no reply. That is the current problem (not logged in any way as a ticket).

I have received an email from Nicholas about the render license, and he was not up to date with what Mike had started.

The OTHER issue I did create a ticket; it never showed up in my account. I sent an email to as well as my sales rep, Nicolas, but I never heard back even after multiple follow up emails to both. I even cc’d to see if that would help, but it did not.


Ok, I do have a ticket with you now and have responded to you in it.


Yeah, I sent you LOG files May 4, but didn’t hear back. The ticket was not showing… it is now but says “customer reviewing”. The emails that we had early May had this: ref:_00D2083I._5004G2QIkxv:ref

Same thing. No email notification after submitting support request. There is support Case Number and name of a Support Rep in my account, but no reply, no message. Five days now. Very poor.

Hi There,

I’ve asked our tech support team to respond to you - you should hear back from them shortly.



I’ve chatted with support and they tell me that they’ve been working with you on this. Hopefully the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction.