Boris FX and Blander


is BorisFX useable with Blender?
if not any plans of it?

What is Blander?

We support the import of static 3D models in both C4D and OBJ format - I believe Blender can export to both of these formats so I guess the answer is yes.

RomanAnthony - Blender is a free application that is used to model and animate 3D Objects.


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oh blender way much more then just 3d modeling and animation software.

blender is 2D & 3D creation suite. It supports the entirety of the 2D & 3D pipeline—2d and 3d modeling, sculpting, rigging, grease pencil, animation, simulation, shading, texturing, scripting, rendering, VFX, compositing and motion tracking, plus video editing and even game creation and more all in one software package

best of all, Blender is the totally free and open source

but, instead of needing to export on import thou, it would be nice if BorisFX worked within blender thou, :slight_smile: one can dream thou.

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I think @RomanAnthony was referring to the title spelling mistake, Blander instead of Blender :joy:

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Cool stuff yes I think there is Cinema4D as well doesn’t that work with BorisFx? Or Boris can use the exported files etc.

Yep Cinema4D are the C4D files Peter mention, I have a decent CAD software which exports OBJ, but last time i tried Boris could only handle basic shapes, things may have changed :man_shrugging:
Cinema4D isn’t cheap so haven’t gone there, £55 per month or £3300 for a perpetual licence for CINEMA 4D R25, i can only go on what’s on this site,?

@PeterMcAuley What is Boris’s first choice of 3D creation program when developing the Boris programs?

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Hey Guys,

We don’t really have a 3D authoring application of choice when it comes to 3D model support - many of our customers use Cinema 4D but many also use Blender and other 3D apps such as 3DS Max, Maya etc. It’s all about the export format of the 3D object from these apps as far as Continuum is concerned.

So here’s some of what is possible in Continuum with regard to importing 3D objects :

• import most 3d models in .obj format authored in any application that can export a 3d model in that format
• import most files in .c4d format authored in cinema 4d, although c4d format models that were authored in other 3d modeling apps should also be usable in Continuum but not 100% guaranteed that these will work - best way to test that is to import the model into after effects and if that works then Continuum should be able to handle it
• imported models can be broken down into individual elements, animated, material shaders can be applied, scene lights can be added and when working inside of Title Studio these objects can interact in true 3d space with 3d objects created from within the Title Studio app such as 3d geometric shapes or 3d text elements

And here are some limitations of working with imported 3d objects in Continuum :

• the import of animation of any kind is not supported - static models only
• sometimes materials will not appear as they did in the authoring program - these materials are typically shaders and while some are supported, not all of them are and even for supported shaders sometimes they will look slightly different than they did in the authoring program
• only the actual model is imported so no scene lights, cameras etc
• more complex models will require more memory on the graphics card and (obviously) will tend to be slower to work with

I hope this helps.


Thanks for that but I’ve just been going through BCC, the only one i’ve found that will import OBJ is Title Studio? & only square/rectangle or cylindrical objects will load, not tubes/shelled objects or anything that isn’t a 6 straight sided object,
My program will also export EPS, but your Extruded EPS although it seems to accept the EPS file when choosing an External file nothing shows on screen, i’ve tried almost every option to save the file from CAD, different ways of applying in Vegas & using the controls in Extruded EPS,
We had this conversation last yr tho so i don’t expect a resolve, (& is the reason for asking about your/Boris’s choice of 3D software)
thanks again.,

I don’t understand why you’re unable to import OBJ or C4D files into BCC Title Studio - and I think you’re on the latest version so a bit of a mystery. Please send me one of the models that you’re unable to import and I’ll take a look to see if I can explain why it’s not working.

Regarding EPS files - yeah, they must be exported from Adobe Illustrator and they should be in Illustrator 8 format. Any modern version of Illustrator can export as Illustrator 8 EPS format. If you need any help with that please feel free to reach out to me directly - happy to help.



it is true that only Title studio is the only Continuum VFX you can import a OBJ into. (that i know of, but i am still super newbie here) i think the problem you are really talking about is “Vegas pro”. Vegas pro has no way for you to load any 3d models into a track to interact with to apply any Continuum FX too. (Vegas effects will(which is a reduced version of Hitflim). its Vegas’s bought compositor along with Image etc to make their Vegas post

Continuum is an plugin working off the host app(in this case Vegas), Title studio just so happens to have a standalone version to work along side the plugin. why, saves loading running the host “Vegas”, your video and the plugin title studio and you 3d model etc, to work on, just a title.( like Mocha pro standalone), otherwise, that is a lot memory, being used to do a title, etc. a way to think of the standalone version of Title Studio and Mocha Pro is like helper apps which speed up your work flow.

the new version 3 Blender doesn’t do import the .3DS for some reason they removed the function after version 2.79b (so import work around, download zip 2.79b version and run off thumb-drive or your drive, to convert the >3ds files to .OBJ format then import)
i dont think Blender ever imported .C4d thou.


it would be REALLY nice if TS took *.FXB animation data thou ;-)!
more mouse control over the 3D environment, right mouse button options! both needs work
how about for them complex 3D models you mentioned, adding to TS a Vram usage status.
and as i was mentioning in another post the other day, if possible access to computer system’s Shared video/GPU memory (it would triple my Vram) and access to other GPUs, if you got them to speed things up. :slight_smile: we all like faster

Question Peter
in Title studio the materials sphere can rotate, other then just looks, does the rotation have a purpose?

Hey Guys,

Title Studio can import both .obj and .c4d files only and does not include support for model animation. And yep, Title Studio is currently the only filter in Continuum that supports the import of 3D models.

Here’s the information regarding GPU usage and Title Studio from our head of engineering, Jason Clement :

Title Studio would just use the main GPU memory and does not support multiple GPUs, nor use of vram separate from the primary GPU’s memory.

I’m already guessing that your response will be “can you change that?” and so with that, I’ll go ahead and file a feature request to cover this. :slight_smile:

Regarding the support of the .FXB 3d model file format, well that’s something that I’ve requested many times in the past and I’ll ask for that again and include your request as part of the request ticket in our database.

That you can rotate the material thumbnail spheres is only so that you can get an idea of how the material might look on a 3d shape - it’s simply for preview purposes and has no other function.


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oh, i missed that piece of info, .c4d file too, cool(thanks for the feature request, on the Animation)

Thanks for the Vram/GPU Shared Mem update.

lolol, your right , and Thanks again, for doing the feature requests!

Spheres, Thanks, that what i kind of thought.

Thanks for your Time Peter

Hi, I don’t have C4D, only OBJ,
Yep i have your full suite, Plugin & Standalone everything is the latest & up to date,
Thanks for all the info you’ve provided above :+1:
I’ve put together a selection of OBJ files & picture of what they should look like,
they’re all one piece objects,
I’ve labelled them as Will & Won’t, with brief description of what happens importing into TS.
I put Draft Render on in the pics to show them properly but all were saved as OBJ without any materials or texture,
Google Drive - no rush, as n when you’ve time :wink::+1:


i don’t know about all of them yet , but the few i loaded into Blender were huge! i mean some were over 2000m.
your (3D rectangular O - Won’t - TS crashes instantly was 282m long)

your (rectangle with hole - Will but doesn’t show hole correctly) was huge but also isnt drawn right which cause the display issue. the lines from the outer box cross over the inner box lines, sothe outer left corner hooking to the inner corner on the right side, etc. it should be left outer corner to inner left corner on inside box

(hemishpere - Won’t - TS crashes instantly) huge and the lip isnt drawn right either.

try these reduced sized shape. they load into my TS now.
shape (73.6 KB)

They’re not huge, a couple are more than 2metres but not 282m, i think either you or Blender are reading them wrong,
Rectangle with hole is a solid that had the hole subtracted, it can’t be drawn incorrectly
Hemisphere has no lip?
All these load into Hitfilm no prob, i added colour in Hitfilm

I can’t download your files, how did you create them?

PS i created a tiny 100mm square object with a hole, it won’t load correctly so the size isn’t a factor,
& in my download list on Google Drive the Cube that does load in TS is 2.2m



it could be a transfer error, dont know,

you couldn’t download them or couldn’t open them? dl worked for me.


in the above pic, i just imported.
small yellow circle is x,y,z= 0,0,0, it just imported into blend and found. its way off center, so i focused on it and rotated, so i am equal distance from X,Y,Z to the hemisphere

in the above pic i have reduce it size and dragged in down the Y Axis

in the above pic, i have centered the hemisphere and got into wire-frame.

in Blender anyway, it does real like the lip on the edge of the hemisphere or the 2 rows of extra edges, they are un-needed.

in this one. blend doesn’t like the way its drawn. the lines crossing across, just isn’t right

this one above has unneeded faces and edges.
when you look at this one. you see two pinkish dots, those are faces dots (in blander),

in this one, i highlighted the a face, you can see it isnt right

this size is drawn right, but again the face dots, should be on the face, like the others.

i didnt create any of them, i just imported yours, reduce them and save them before Winzip-ing them up into one file for posting.

but i would create them in Blender is i need a shapes thou.

in your last pic you show a square of 2222.97mm, :slight_smile: um i hope thats not it, thats 87.5inch

There not drawn wrong, that’s how CAD draws them, I’ve used it for 20yrs & this version TC Platinum cost £1300, i don’t use Blender, i did have a look a yr or 2 ago at Blender & watched a few online vids & did note that you have to do that in that program, so have an idea of what you’re talking about, i think they point that out because it is different to CAD but i’m not going to bother with it,
I’m a joiner & most of my projects are my jobs which are in metres, I’m not going to start transferring them to Blender, this garden room is 5m x 3m + the deck that’s the same size, so 5m x 6m total.
This drawing has 115 parts but i’ve a drawing with all the cladding, that’s got over 300 parts, but i suspect it has been written over :unamused:
Like i say all my OBJ’s load in Hitfilm no prob & every part can be adjusted individually,
I did look into using TS for 3D last yr with no joy so i’m not going to be using it for 3D, i just thought i’d ask again on this thread. I’m glad ‘Blander’ works for you, :+1:

Found it

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no need to convert measurement , you can pick whatever you like or want to use, i picked feet to quickly check size, i am still better at feet.

i did fine that your program placed thing way off the X,Y,Z, well, in all the one i loaded anyway, were all far away from there

i have to say Blender in the last 2 years has changed alot. it hard for me, trying to watching a video for blender a couple of version back, its hard to finish that tutorial. but as long as i learn from it, that’s enough, with time, i will get it and then work it out later
more importantly its free, since i dont have tons of Funtickets to play with

your project looks good thou :+1:

My projects are normally based from 0-X 0-Y but for simple objects used in Hitfilm as i’ve shown it doesn’t matter the size or where on the screen they’re placed/drawn, Hitfilm creates a centre anchor point,
in the garden room above, all the objects are then in relation to that centre point, i could if i wished turn off ‘layers’ then save individual visible layers as separate parts as OBJ, then when imported to Hitfilm it would put it in the correct place,
I did save a couple of smaller OBJ’s & created them at the 0.0.0 xyz point but it made no difference loading them into TS,
Like i say i’m not going to bother with TS, i just thought i’d ask again,
I haven’t got loads of £s to play with but CAD’s an important part of my job, Tax deductible :wink::+1: