Boris fx and vegas 19

I have same problem as many other users of Boris Title Sutdio, and because my english is weak i decidec to copy existed thread, so…

I am having difficulties with using BCC Title Studio and am hoping there is a workaround or patch that can help.

When I select the ‘Curtain Red’ preset (or any preset), and click ‘Launch UI Window’, I get the spinning cursor and then when I click on my editor’s window it changes to ‘Not Responding’, then I have to click ‘Close Program’.

Another scenario, if I just click on the ‘FX Browser’ button I get the same result.

The only way I can open BCC Title Studio is if the preset is ‘No Preset’ and I click on ‘Launch UI Window’. In this scenario, the window opens and I can use the tool for a while but sooner or later it will fail just like the other scenarios.

I am using Sony Vegas 19 and BCC Title Studio as part of a Continuum subscription.

Can anyone help?

Hi There,

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been encountering instability in the host while working with Title Studio. We might need to see a log file from your system to fully understand the source of the problem but here are a couple of things to try.

First, quit the host application and try doing the same thing with the standalone version of Title Studio - launch it, load up a preset and see if it’s stable and working as expected. Please try this without running any other programs.

Then, assuming that this works, launch the host and try it again, but ensure that you are not running other applications at the same time. I’m asking you to do this to see if the instability is related to other programs trying to access the graphics card while Title Studio is also trying to use the video card memory.

And please send along the hardware specs of the system you are using so that we can ensure that it meets with the minimum requirements for running Title Studio.