Boris fx filters not loading

None of the filters will load. When I drag a filter into the clip on the timeline it shows that it is there but not in the preview window.The only thing there are the small + signs which correspond to where the effect would be if it was there. I have totally uninstalled then re-installed Boris to no avail. I have totally uninstalled and re-installed Vegas Pro 16 (host) to no avail. This problem occurred out of the blue and I have no explanation as to why. I hope Boris has an explanation for this.

Hi Peter1,

I just tried in Vegas 16 with the latest BCC beta & all seems to work.

So, couple of questions:

  1. Is this with latest BCC posted?

  2. Did anything change in the system that could trigger this?

  3. Does this happen with only BCC effects & not any other 3rd party effects?

  4. Can you send a screenshot displaying the Timeline, Viewer window & Effects Controls window?


  • Mukesh Shah

QA/Boris FX