Boris FX Optics Reset

Hi, I am an absolute newbie,and only yesterday downloaded Boris FX Optics and have tried my hand using it as a plugin in Ps 2023. I did two images yesterday, but after coming back from work today, I tried to do one more image (using Light from menu), when noticing couple of x’s on the corner, and a large histogram on the right hand side of my screen, I tried to relocate the histogram and tried to find out ‘parameters’ inside the menu, when I erroneously clicked the x’s . Everything vanished from the face of Boris FX and now it is a big blank. I mean , we do click x at the corner, when we try to close anything,isn’t it ? I clicked those crosses and now everything is gone from the interface !! How do I reset Boris FX to it’s previous interface ? Please help, I searched on the internet but couldn’t find any help hence asking here i the forum. Thanks in advance

Hi Datta! Thank you for trying out Optics!

You can always reset your layout (or try a different one) by accessing the Workspace menu:

You might want to try using “Reset All” to completely reset your windows to the default workspace. Give that a try and let us know how it works for you.

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Many many thanks Harry. I did exactly as you said and then I got back everything as it was. Can’t thank you enough :pray: :pray:

Can I ask you two more questions please ?

  1. Is there any Youtube or any other video link where I can learn the basics of BORIS FX Optics ? I am a serious hobbyist photographer and have been using Ps for last few years and was also using Nik collection, topaz AI, and Luminar , but am kinda stuck with Boris !
  2. Is there anyway I can use any brush on the preset menu ? I couldn’t find anything like a brush or an erasure in the parameters ?

Thanks again

Check out the Optics video training here: Boris FX | Videos

You can mask any filter using a variety of masks. See the Paint Mask Tutorial