Boris FX Optics suddenly breaks plug-in and stand-alone

Hello -

Computer PC - Ryzen 7950x, 128 GB Ram, RTX 3090, latest driver IS installed; two 27 inch monitors.
Windows 11

Was using latest version of Optics without issue as a plug-in on photoshop. I had a smart object in a large photoshop file saved as a PSB (large file format) - I attempted to render this smart object from the optics plug-in interface back to Photoshop. Nothing happened when it got back to PS. Ok, so I restarted Photoshop. Same issue, open up plug-in from optics inside photoshop; try to render back into host photoshop and nothing happens.

I installed latest GeForce driver, I switched to one monitor, I restarted my computer. Suddenly Optics as a plug-in AND the stand alone won’t even open; well actually, it “opens” in the sense that I see a “white screen” that hangs; that is all I get. So i figured, hmm, something must have been corrupted - solution? I uninstall then reinstall optics, figuring that would solve the issue - NOPE!!! Same thing!!! When I open up plug-in or stand alone it “warps” off onto a different window (as if its going to another monitor) even though I disabled my second monitor to troubleshoot; annoying white screen that hangs.

What is going on with this? How does Optics suddenly fail like this both the plug-in and stand-alone and the same thing happens with re-install? Makes absolutely no sense.

Please help - BTW I pay annually for entire borisfx suite.

@RomanAnthony On my Windows machine, I noticed there was a recent Windows update and the graphic driver was updated. Sometimes the graphics driver automatically installed by Windows is a generic driver and will cause problems. Did you install the most recent graphics driver from nVidia’s website? If not, can you try that?

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Hi Marco, thanks for the fast response.

I did update to the latest NVIDIA driver about 15 minutes ago. Nothing changed.

Now I have developed another problem. I thought maybe it would be different if I uninstalled optics and chose to “deactive my license”; I erroneously believed if I did this it might perhaps remove the entirety of the software from my computer and perhaps be better for a reinstall.

Now when I uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of optics; I attempt to enter my license key for boris fx suite and it states “Requested version is not supported” which makes no sense to me.

Now I can’t start Optics because A) My license doesn’t work and B) Presumably, that error is still present where it warps off onto a white screen that just sits there .

Update - I just put in for a “Trial” because my license isn’t working; and same exact thing is occuring. won’t open in stand-alone or plug-in; same weird white screen error.


After fiddling around with my second monitor; the problem magically fixed itself.

There is some kind of weird bug with this software that is associated with using a second monitor hopefully this is hte last time I have to deal with it.

Thank you

Ryan, glad you got it working. As for the license, try activating using your Boris FX Suite license ending in 3222. Optics 2022.5 required an update to the license file, so deactivating/reactivating should fix it.

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Thanks again Marco I really do love the Boris Fx products - really ahead of the curve.


This issue is resolved in Optics 2022.5.1 available here: Boris FX | Downloads


Thanks Marco!