Boris FX Primatte Studio 2021.5 won't activate

I bought Boris FX Primatte Studio 2021.5 with Vegas Pro 20, I went to the website, used my 16-digit license key, confirmed my email, downloaded the installer, but when I try to register it, it gives me the following error:

I understand that the purchase only included Primatte Studio and no other plugins that were installed as unlicensed, but I opened Vegas Pro and even that one came as unlicensed, and I am trying to figure out how to license it and uninstall all unlicensed ones.

Hi, Host in that msg is ref to your editing software, yours is Vegas, that needs the OFX download, did you download the version for Adobe?
Have a look at this link the Vegas forum–132557/

This is the same one I got in an email! And this is the one that gave me the above message when I downloaded it. And the code I received was already “Registered” so I can’t use it again. Where is the download for Adobe then if that is the one I need?

You don’t want Adobe, i was just asking did you download the wrong one, did you put in the correct activation key, maybe you put in the key for Vegas by mistake?

The one I downloaded is the one I posted adove. That was the one that came to be by email after I entered my code on the site where the video led me to. It is for Vegas Pro 20.

thumbnail_Screenshot 2022-08-23 210508

My issue could be that I used up the activation key getting the installer, but that can’t be and if that’s true then I need a new key right? I already reported this problem to Magix and am waiting for a response, but can anyone else help? I understand I’m only supposed to get the Primatte Studio plugin versus all the other ones included with Continuum.

Can anyone help me? I tried to call them, but apparently the number 305-642-6400 which is the Magix Tech Support line, is disconnected? Also I emailed them days ago and they still haven’t responded!

Never mind, I’m good! Turns out the version I got was actually 2022.5! I downloaded that one and the code worked!