Boris FX Silhouette as an OFX plugin?

Hi Team,
Just wondering like how you guys now owns Silhouette, are there any plans in making a version
of it as an OFX plugin, Like what was done with Mocha?

Well, we are plug-in developers after all, right? :slight_smile:


What host application are you using?

What aspect of Silhouette are you using: Roto, Paint, Composite?

Well i am a Vegas Pro user and would be so elated to have all features of Silhouette available within Vegas as an OFX plugin, just as how all features of Mocha is currently available and implemented as an OFX plugin for Vegas Pro…
Cant believe it all now, how well done and beautiful you guys have implemented Mocha as a plugin for Vegas and other hosts. Such endevour is an engineering marvel many users take for granted (smile)…

It would be a bit overkill to include the complexity of a node based system with 145 nodes into a plug-in. However, I could envision separate Silhouette plug-ins for the features that artists use most.

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