Boris FX Support is brilliant! I've been tracking a long music video which has many elements to track and mask. Martin has gone above and beyond to assist in this endeavour. Happy with the result that can be seen here

I’m tracking multiple surfaces which require multiple masks … all of which go off and back on screen. There is also different insert footage being placed in the different plane surfaces. The video is about 2:40 minutes long, but requires tracking for the whole video and not dynamic linking with PP. The project/composition is becoming very demanding on the graphic card CPUV because I have set up multiple tracking layers and multiple mask layers. Is it possible to do this in the one application of mocha on the base footage, or does it require additional applications of Mocha on the footage to separate the tracking and masking? I’ve watched various tutorials on this site, and also Surfaced Studio, but wondering if there a specific video addressing this available?


If you’re using Mocha AE and want to add multiple inserts - you would need to export your track data.
Here at 2:20 you can see how to do that Mocha Pro: Tracking Techniques for Occlusions & Reflections - YouTube

As for the masking, you can make a duplicate of your main footage, place it as a very top layer, and then Create AE Masks from Mocha, or just simple enable “Apply Matte” checkbox


Thanks Elizabeth, Thanks for the heads up. It was a “learn as you go process” I followed, and will check out the vid.