Boris Graffiti identical Boris Red?

Do we find Boris graffiti plugins and effects in Boris Red software? Thank you

Hello Yannick!

Thanks for your question. You’re referring to some of our legacy custom UI products and here’s a descriptor for each of these products.

Boris RED - 64 bit compositing, titling, VFX and graphics generator with most of the filters from Continuum (BCC) version 8 and Final Effects (FEC) version 7. This is essentially all of the features in Graffiti + all of the features in FX + most of the filters in BCC 8.

Boris Graffiti - 64 bit 2D/3D vector titling and animation + some VFX filters from Continuum (BCC) version 8 and FEC 7.

Boris FX - 64 bit compositing + VFX with many filters from Continuum (BCC) version 8 and FEC 7.

These products, although popular, relied on a scanline renderer via the CPU and while they were feature rich, the render was a little too slow for todays massive files and speedy workflows. In response to these performance issues, we created Title Studio, which is included in Continuum. Title Studio is fully GPU accelerated and renders on hardware by Nvidia and ATI. It offers blazingly fast graphics generation, with vector resolution independent 2D/3D titling and animation and is the way forward from the legacy RED, Graffiti, FX products. There’s even a cross grade option for users of our legacy products to come up into the new products, which are many times faster with a vastly improved feature set … and don’t forget about the hardware performance.

I hope this helps.


Thanks Peter. Il get it :wink: