Boris red 3d objects


Does boris red support import c4d or 3ds objects because i have thousant of 3ds object which i use in wedding projects
And in boris its difficult to make same as objects so please reply


You might want to look into Title Studio which is part of Continuum 2019 or optionally available as its own purchase.

Title Studio basically replaces RED in the Boris product line up and can import C4D models and can also create new 3D elements.

More info is found here:


Can u pls confirm title studio will work with grass valley edius


Unfortunately Continuum 2019 (including Title Studio) is not officially supported in EDIUS at this time, but you may find that it partially works via the OFX Bridge. You can try it out for free by installing Continuum 2019 for OFX which will watermark without a license but otherwise be fully testable.


Although it is not officially supported in EDIUS,
it does work if you use the OFX Bridge that is available for
EDIUS. (You can find information about the OFX Bridge (not a Boris
product) by logging into you EdiiusID, and following the links
under “News”)

  I have found no special problems using BCC Title Studio with EDIUS

versions 7, 8 or 9.

  But, remember that it is not yet supported by Boris, so if you run

into any trouble you may not get official support.