Boris RED 5.6 on Avid

Some effects are not rendering properly, a lot of artifacts.
Running MC 2018.12 on Mojave.

Hi There,

Boris RED was deprecated years ago and is no longer a supported product. It was never qualified to run on the version of Avid that you are using nor the version of Mac OS that you are using.

You can find cross grade options to Continuum on the web site but the best thing for you to do would be to reach out directly to one of our sales associates who can help you with the cross grade, should that be of interest. Try writing to Neal Berkowitz in BFX sales - you can reach him here :


Thanks for the reply.
I know about the EOL of the product.
Strapped for cash at the moment,
afraid the other options are not in the cards.

Regardless, I will reach out to Neal.

Thanks again.

Chip Hess
CFH3 Media