Boris Remover Clone Shape Flicker

Having trouble using Boris Remover with Mocha. I would like to use my Mocha track with Clone Spot, so that the Clone could be driven by the Mocha Track. How do I achieve this? AutoFill Smooth and Sharp deliver generally disatisfactory results.

I am unable to track the Clone Source or Destination with Resolve’s Built In Tracker, nor can I use my Mocha Track to drive it. Very frustrating!

Mocha PixelChooser is only supported in Resolve Studio so the first question is whether you have Resolve Studio or the free version of Resolve. If you do have the Studio version then mocha itself should work OK in Resolve as long as you are on Resolve 12.5 or higher.

As for using Mocha in Remover, this requires that the Removal Method be set to Clone Shape, not Clone Spot. While adding tracking support for the Clone Spot mode is on our wish list for future feature improvements, using Clone Shape should already be a more flexible and powerful option for you. Change the Removal Method to Clone Shape, launch the Mocha UI and draw a mask around the area to be removed, then track and close mocha. The use the Offset an other controls in the Clone group to fine tune.