Boris Title Studio strange opacity behaviour

I’m trying to create a lower third in Boris Title Studio inside of Sony Vegas Pro. In it, I want to fade in a logo one part at a time.
Now object A is above object B which is on top of object C.
The problem I’m having is, that as soon as the opacity of object A is anything other than 0, the part of object B it occludes at 100% opacity just turns invisible. Object C on the other hand shows as normal.
0% Opacity on object A
1% Opacity on object A
100% Opacity on object A
I don’t understand what’s going on there… I have checked for other opacity changes, added object B in from scratch again, nothing.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Can you provide system details so we can better reproduce?

  • Version of Continuum
  • Version of Vegas
  • Graphics card?

If you could attach a preset or project file as well that would be helpful.

Hello, as Jason mentioned, if you’d like to send a project file I’d be happy to take a look at it. One additional question, is your project set to 2D or 3D Render Mode?


Continuum 2019

Surface STUDIO 2 Intel HD V. Card.

I use Premiere CC2019

I can’t see the text is most of the stand alone and FX Browser. The text does not scale up on high res monitors.

Mike Muscarella

Well… if I can’t use the filters I speak of my projects not getting done. I can’t use it. I can send a screen of the Itty bitty text (menus) I can’t see. Otherwise my project is doing without. Load it in Premiere on a Surface Studio 4500x3000 dpi.

I can send a screen capture

Mike Muscarella

Hi Mike,

This sounds like a different issue from the one Joris is having. Could you please send a screen shot just so I can confirm, but it sounds like a known issue that is currently being worked on.

As a work around, are you able to go into the screen resolution control panel and change the resolution to a non 4K resolution?