Boris Title Studio with Wirecast

Are there any plans to getting Title Studio to work with Wirecast? This would be a really cool addition to the support platforms. I know I can create my title in TS and export my file for importing but it would fantastic to have it supported directly so I can create or edit title elements (like Q&A) on the fly in Wirecast. Right now I can use Titler Live from BlueFX but i’d much rather use the power of TS. If anyone has a workflow for TS in Wirecast I’d love to see it.

Food for thought guys.


Good food for thought alright Graham. One of the problems that I think we’ll encounter is the lack of real-time performance we can offer with Title Studio in this host. Definitely something to think about though. I imaging having to render the title before expecting any sort of real-time playback in the host might be a showstopper for users of Wirecast. Would you agree with that statement?


Agree totally Pete. Maybe we can turn off processor heavy functionality for this host I dunno. I figure if BlueFX can do it you guys can definitely do it and better too. It’s just that Boris’s TS is just so superior to BFX that it would be a very cool and useful addition.