BorisFX App Manager - Feature Request


Thanks for the BorisFX Application Manager. Please add remote deactivation. It would be really really useful.

As an example: I’m in the middle of a two-week freelance job, so I installed my plugins on the computer I’m working on. Saturday I get an email from another client asking for a tweak to a project I delivered a few weeks back. But my plugins are still activated on that other computer and they are stuck on that box until Monday. Had I been able to remotely deactivate my plugins I could have done this quick change and had it in my client’s inbox when he walked into work on Monday.


Hey Sam,

I’m really happy that you’re using the App Manager - and yes, eventually all of this will be in the cloud and you will be able to control all of your licenses remotely but for now, what you can do is to tunnel into that other system via a remote desktop client and run the App Manager locally on that system via the remote login.




Looking forward to getting support for this. With the shadow licensing removed it’s a real hassle to keep deactivating and activating when jumping between my computers and work places. Hope you make it as flexible as FXHome has. With their product line I can login to my account anytime a just activate/reactivate my licenses and all I need is an internet browser.