Borisfx continuum 2020 title studio

I can’t get Vegas Pro 19 to recognise ‘Borisfx continuum 2020 title studio’ (bundled with Vegas Post) as a plugin. It works standalone, but because there’s no export function, it’s useless in this mode.
After installation, the following directories appear in ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files\OFX\Plugins’,
‘BCC_DFT’, ‘BCC_OFX_3DObjects.ofx.bundle’ and ‘BCC14_OFX.ofx.bundle’.
Does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

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Did you also install the Primatte Studio 2021.5 that comes with Vegas 19?

Yes, and that appears in VP19, but Title Studio doesn’t appear in the media generators.

Title Studio is a video fx, not a media generator. This works different compared to Vegas text.

Check if you can find it under video fx.

As far as I know Vegas 19 comes with Primatte Studio 2021.5 You also have Title Studio (version 2020). This could be a problem because you can have only one version of Continuum installed.

Hopefully someone from BorisFX will comment on that.

You can try to reset Vegas cache by doing this:
Continum error on Vegas Pro - Continuum - Boris FX Forum

But it’s more likely a license problem. You have license for Title Studio 2020 and Primatte Studio 2021.5


Hi jack

do you have a Borisfx 3D object folder in you FX list, title studio would be in that folder if it installed properly.

as far as a license issue, you never have more then one copy of Continuum installed at one time but you can have multiply plugging activated at a time by just entering the other license codes. is you are running the install file more then once, it may remove the first code.

jack, try this

  1. try going in the Boris FX continuum ofx plugins thru your start menu view install RLM licenses, is there 1 or 2 codes in that text doc? if there is one, then the install is wiping out one plugin code to install the other plugin.

  2. Run “Activate Continuum OFX License” enter title studio code. if already activated, just use enter existing RLM licence.

hopeful that should do it, if that was the issue! if not, no worries, the folk at BorisFX, they will get you straighten out quickly enough.


oh btw, BCC title studio will show up in both your Text FX and Event FX lists but is not available in Media FX list.

links to the help docs, :wink:

@misohoza Thanks for your input. I have reset the cache as you indicated but there’s only BCC Primatte Studio showing in the Video FX pane.

Does Primatte Studio include Title Studio? If not, then I should uninstall Primatte Studio and Title Studio, then re-install Title Studio.

Hi Drew. Thanks for the detail. I’m OK with Vegas stuff but confess that I’m rubbish at BorisFX stuff. I’ll digest what you’ve suggested and give it a go.
Meanwhile, I’ve placed a support request as you suggested.

@Alpine @misohoza Problem solved. Thanks Drew. I followed your suggestion and activated the Title Studio licence. Title Studio now appears in the Video FX tab. :sweat_smile:
Thanks to you both for your help. Onwards and upwards.


thats good to hear Jack, glad things worked out :smiley: Enjoy!