Bounding box issue


I am working on a plate that has a bounding box slightly bigger than the plate resolution. I was rotoing with this plate in Silhouette, but it seems like Silhouette automatically reformats the plate to the bounding box size. So my splines were exporting slightly offset from the objects. I found a workaround by re-rendering the plate in another software without this overscan but we will need this so it would be great if we can work with it within Silhouette. Is there a way to avoid and counteract this internally within the software?

Thank you!

What version of Silhouette are you using?

Are you using the Standalone or plug-in?

Hi Marco,

its Silhouette 2020.5 and its the standalone, not a plug-in

I would need to see your project and media to give you a proper answer, but this may help you.

  • Enable the Viewer > ROI and reset the ROI so that ROI is the size of the overscan area and then enable Render ROI in the Render menu. The ROI then becomes the data window and the session becomes the display window when rendering to EXR. Note: You many need to select the Source in the Trees window and deselect Center if the centering looks off.
  • In Silhouette 2021, a new Data Window render determines the rendered image size and replaces the previous Render ROI option. Now, you can choose from Session, ROI (Region of Interest) and DOD (Domain of Definition).
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Thanks Marco- Your solution works perfectly :slight_smile: