Bounding Box Silhouette Paint Render


I was wondering why Silhouette only renders the bounding box around the painted area of the frame and not the whole frame? In other words, silhouette seems to create a small box that contains the paint strokes ignoring the rest of the frame and when its time to render it only renders that small area?

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What host application are you using and what are the Silhouette plug-in parameters set to?


Thank you Marco for your response!

I am using the standalone version of silhouette v-2021.0.1

In my render options I have Data Window set to Session but I get the same behaviour in all of the other dropdown options anyway. I am rendering EXR’s and there is nothing in the Output Node settings to change this behaviour.

Thank you for your help!

OK, it sounds like you are using the Paint Only output (right output) of the Paint node instead of the normal output. Make sure you connect the left output on the Paint node to the Output node.
Does this solve the issue?

Hi Marco,

Yes! It did! Thank you very much for your help, much much appreciated!