Brainstorm; How to build up static electricity on walls

Ok ,

This is the idea , I want to build up this crawling electricity on the walls (red lines in the picture)

In the final shot people will be walking through the tunnel and I will animate the walls so they will start to move

I tried Boris Lightning , Ultrazap (and all the lightning and zaps) forlike 5 days now and nothing realy gets me there

I have seen shots like this a million of times (X-files, Highlander, …)

Do you guy’s have better idea’s to get me there ?

I use

Vegas Pro 18, Hitfilm Pro, Boris Continuum, Boris Sapphire Render Unit, Boris Particle Illusion, Ignite, Mocha Pro

Have you tried Photoshop? Or, a filter with lightning (like AKVIS Nature Effects)?

You’d still have to do the animations. Those effects would be static (see what I did there…) fx. And, if you’re adding audio it would add to the electricity sensation to have the right sound.

Good luck. I am not a designer or illustrator - I do photography & process in Ps using filters like Boris Optics, and Ps’ built in features, etc.

This effect can be done using UltraZap and open splines in AE. I would advise using multiple instances of the effect so you can play with the tapering, animation, and branchiness for each bolt. You can use Mocha AE as well for the tracking. Note that it is basically a 2D effect, so using some compositing (depth of field, chromatic aberrations and other techniques can help make a huge difference to sell the effect).

Here is a very quick test image. Quite rough, but it can be done if you play with the parameters. Hope this helps.

Thank you all for helping out

I kept getting sleepless night

So I tried some other things

not there yet but I like it more than the electricity

Try to track the outline of wall, and make ultralzap around these spline. Try this?

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@SummaryActivityNot Is it possible in Hitfilm or Vegas
I think using ultrazap like that can only be done in After effects

Why not