Bringing mattes into AE has too many points

When I create a shape, particularly with X splines, and bring them into AE as a matte/mask, I get many more points than I would if I had drawn it in AE. This makes it much harder to tweak a mask in AE. Is there any way to filter the number of points? Or is there a technique in drawing them in Mocha that would limit the points, other than making them all linear?

The conversion from X-Spline to Bezier means that depending on the shape, more points will be inserted. There is no filter option to reduce points.
If you use Bezier in Mocha, there will be less conversion.

Generally, most Mocha AE users use Mocha for the full roto before converting to an AE mask. You can also use “apply matte” to use the Mocha shape with variable edge feathering.