Broadcast Safe doesn't clamp

Hello I am on Media Composer. When I apply BCC+Looks to a shot and then have the BCC broadcast safe, it does not bring the levels into compliance when using the NTSC and Full Range. I have to make a custom setting to make it safe. I thought Broadcast safe would clamp any signal to 709 levels.
Thanks. It would be great if the BCC+Looks had a broadcast safe checkbox in the effect…

Hello Jason,

You may be missing a step - in the Broadcast Safe filter, you’ll need to first select the preset (EBU103 for example) and then set the Color Range pop-up to Video Range. If you do that you should be generating safe output.

Regarding the BCC+ safe color option - that will be added in a forthcoming release with all of the other Continuum Avid-specific features such as Apply to Title Matte, PixelChooser and Mocha etc.

I hope this helps,

Hello again Jason,

One thing to note is that we’re seeing an issue when working in 32 bit projects. So while the Broadcast Safe presets in 8/10/16 bit projects appear to operate as expected, when in a 32 bit project you’ll have to use custom settings to ensure safe output. We’re looking into that. Note that you can save the custom set up as a preset for use in other projects.