Broadcast safe in HDR10

How is Broadcast safe handles in HDR ?

If you apply Broadcast Safe to an HDR project it will still soft-clamp to the same restrictions you have chosen when specifying the Broadcast Safe effect options.

Is it still 8 Bit rangs it 10 Biys per Pixel Meters seen to show 8 bit Values are the plugins still 8Bit Color Mode ?

The plugin supports 8 bit, 16bit, and float bitdepths - whatever the host themselves support. The only host which supports HDR where Continuum does not yet support HDR is Premiere, but HDR support is being added for Premiere in Continuum 2019 which will be released this fall.

So BCC Supports HDR in Vegas 16 ?

HDR should work fine in Vegas 16. We have supported float bitdepth formats in Vegas for years so HDR in Vegas should be automatically supported, and most Continuum settings work well with HDR including Broadcast Safe. If you see specific problems then please let us know.

In Float is the rangs 0.0 to 255.0 or more?Because Broadcast safe is refereed as 16-235. Will the same amount be clipped or more?

Float is typically 0.0 to 1.0 for normal range but with extended ranges allowed. Effect controls which refer to 16-235, etc would be scaled internally into the correct range for 16bit or float formats.

With The HDR Monitors and TV is ii the same For Example HDR10 And DolbyVision?Is HDR10 refering 10Bits Color Mode IE 30 Total Bits per pixel 10 Per pixel? PhotoShop had a 30 Bit mode Last i saw.

As far as our plugins are concerned, HDR support means operating in a floating point color space without clamping to the range 0.0. to 1.0. Those other format questions are outside the scope of our software.

A lot of the displays I see are 10 Bit (8bit+fcr) others are true 10bit .In trhe Process before the video goes to broadcast do they always use broadcast safe or in the process before last step use full range color than as last step convert to broadcast safe for release?

BroadCase Safe HDR is .064 to .94 . Bcc Wise.

BCC Scopes could Have A Setting from the Above.The BCC Scopes in Vegas Onley Show 0-255 Old Adobe Range.The controls seems to be for 8 Bit color.