Browsing Presets and Adding Emitters Seriously Laggy

I’ve had no problems in previous versions, but with this new version browsing and adding emitters is incredibly laggy. Like, by a good second or two. Click an emitter and wait a second or two to see the preview, or even simply for that preset to be highlighted in the browser.
Many times simply double clicking an emitter doesn’t add it. I have to quickly click 3 or 4 times to add an emitter, and then it often adds 2 or 3 emitters.
I mean, WOW is it laggy now. Amazingly so.

That’s not expected. Have you tried after a reboot? Is this with standalone PI or when running as a plugin?

And when you say “previous versions”, do you mean 2021.0 was fine but 2021.5 is laggy? Or 2021.5 was fine and 2021.52 is laggy?

Standalone. 2021.0 was fine.
I did notice after using the software a bit more that the fewer presets visible, the lower the lag. As in choosing specific category rather than the full list.
Also, sometimes all the thumbnails disappear when browsing the Grid View. In fact, I have no lagginess problems UNTIL the Grid View thumbnails disappear.

Ah, that’s helpful! It sounds like only Grid View is the problem? Are you using the search or just manually browsing?

Usually manually browsing, tho search is sometimes also laggy.
EDIT: Also, I have not (yet) found a way to reliably reproduce the issue.

Did you have all of the additional emitters installed before too, or did you just install them with the 2021.5 update? We haven’t been able to duplicate the issue yet.

All the emitters, in all the versions of PI that I’ve used.