Brush Keystrokes - Remapping Keystrokes?

Working MP2020 as OFX on VegasPro17 B321.

The NEW Brush/Paint Tool - it’s what I’ve been waiting for.

This Paint Mask is marvellous! What it does for me is gets more of a Graphics “feel” to the previous Tools. It’s FAST and but also gives me a bit of fuzzy logic to what has been a fairly rentive approach. Now, to make this Paint Tool work even better for me, I wish to remap these:

1] Sizing Brush.

2] Paint Erase.

I’ve viewed the Prefs > Keystrokes but the “Size” and “Erase” COMMANDS aren’t showing.

I’ve had success with mapping of PLAY > BACKWARDS Preview. I now have my own KS Map.


Happily, we have those implemented already: [ and ] size the brush and you can either use the wacom pen eraser to erase OR you can use alt (win) or option (mac) and click to erase.

Hope that helps!


Yes, I know that. I wish to Remap through Preferences. I’m not seeing those [ and ] or the Brush KS in Preferences. Do you, Mary? If so, please reveal.

Sorry, I misread that. We don’t have key remapping for that yet to my knowledge, only “add area brush to layer” and “create new area brush.” Let me check with @martinb for more insight and to confirm.

If the case is true, which I can confirm by interrogating the lists, then that’s correct. I’m guessing Martin will only confirm it too. My wish is for them to be available.

We can add that to our feature requests. Either way, we have to poke @martinb about it. :wink:

Is that a KeyStroke? Can I remap it?

You are correct: Radius for the time being is locked to the square brackets. This will be corrected in a later update.

The erase modification key may NOT change soon, unless we get more explicit requests for a change, but i’ve noted your request. :slight_smile:

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