Bug - Clone Offset stopped working

I was working over the last week with 2020.5.7 with no problems. Today the clone brush #1 began to fail to set the clone source offset. When I try to set it with my wacom right click button, it just jumps around randomly. When I try to set the offset to zero manually in the paint controls window, the numbers change but the offset does not. Shift+click with the mouse also has the same problem.

My workaround is to use the arrow keys as this is working to set the offset. For some reason, the brush #2 does not seem to be affected by the bug.

I have taken a look and setting the clone source is working as expected for me. I am not sure what your Wacom right-click button is mapped to, but right-clicking is not used to set a Clone offset. Shift-clicking, dragging and releasing in the Viewer is the standard method for setting the clone source.

I mis-spoke. It’s not the right click button. I have it mapped to shift click. As I mentioned, the workflow was functioning fine for a week and it randomly began to malfunction using both of the methods I described below. Should I report this to an email address?

Out of curiosity, what kind of tablet are you using?
If you have a Wacom with the ExpressRing, were you using it at the time? And if so, what were you using it for?

It’s an intros pro. Yes, I have the ring setup for zoom.

I’ve been using that feature all week as well with no issues, except, now that I think about it, recently the zooming would freeze and I have to let off the ring fully and then swipe it again to get it zooming.

I was assuming that was because of a slow computer.

I think we ironically isolated an issue like this just today. From what I understand a reboot may make it work properly again (as a workaround for now). Can you try that?

How funny. I tried a reboot yesterday and again today but the problem did not resolve. The ofx plugin and the Stand Alone version are both exhibiting the same problem.

While working today I just noticed another interesting behavior. When I set the clone source circle to zero withthe arrow keys and paint a stroke, then move the cursor left or right, the horizontal offset increases the further I move away from the last stroke. When moving up and down relative to the last stroke, both offset numbers do not appear to change.

I am using an older Intous 3 tablet and of course, it works without any of the issues you describe. Some users have reported issues with some of the newer tablets on Windows, so we have worked on the Windows tablet support.

The next release of Silhouette, which is coming out soon, has better Windows tablet support and may address some of your issues. Give it a try when it comes out. In the mean time, setting the Clone offset with Shift-click and drag should work without issue. And by Shift, I mean Shift on the keyboard and not assigned to a button on the pen.

I’m on Mac O 10.14.6, Slhouette 2020.5.7.

I was out of the studio for a couple days.
Today the offset is working correctly with the Wacom tablet though I have not changed anything. When I originally posted this problem, I tried using the mouse with shift + click as a work around and it was exhibiting the same problem as the wacom method.

New buggy type experience with the same system. When launching the same project that I’ve been working on for the last few weeks, there was no shortcut key control from the keyboard or wacom tablet, however, the transport controls on the GUI did work. I restarted the app with no luck. I rebooted the Mac with no luck. I worked on other tasks for about 10 minutes and then went back to Silhouette and now the shortcut keys are working.

See if Silhouette 2021 solves your tablet issue. Silhouette 2021 can be downloaded from here: Boris FX | Downloads

Ok, I’ll give it a shot. If I run into similar issues, is there an email address I should report them to?

@bnaleid The proper place to submit issues is here: Boris FX | Open a Case

Gotcha, thanks.