Bug in rotoshape export to Nuke

Still on v5.6.0
I’m using negative frames for handles on this project. Tracking data exports/imports fine, but for some reason splines are broken.
Seems to work fine if I set the main time slider to frame 1 and export. Hopefully my client won’t end up needing the handles at the beginning.


So specifically the Nuke project starts in the negative so you’ve set a negative first frame offset in project settings for Mocha?

The behavior is:
No movement, even though you can see the keyframes.
When you go to the dope sheet, there is a key frame at like frame 5000.
If you modify the shape in some way, things start to move.

Okay yes, that is definitely doing the wrong thing. Thanks, i’ve reproduced this as well.
We’ll file a defect.