Bug keeps breaking my files!

i rotoed an entire sene, crashed, only to pen it up and see the osx colorwheel spinning for eternity. i opened the file in text editor, seems fine. i can open an older version froem earlier today but the newer ones and the autosaves are screwed.


this time im versioning like crazy, i close down motor, try to reopen my NEW file, same issue. spinning colorwheel of death. tried it on another comp same problem. only a version fromlike 2 hours ago works!!

whats going on please help!!

Koraxxx, we have been able to replicate this issue and have now put a fix into test…
The fix will be made available at the next Motor Maintenance release; which is scheduled mid next week. I can also provide you with a workaround for your current project issue; I would need a copy of the project to be able to do this.

Could you let me know what version of Motor you are running?
Could you also let me know what Mac you are running (Intel, PPC) and what version of the O.S

I believe it would help if I could get a copy of the project you are running (the one that is crashing) You can attach the project on your reply or upload to an ftp - either one will be fine.

Once I get this information I can assist further.

motor 1.1.1 soho edition. osx v.10.4.9 dual 2.5 Ghz PowerPC G5 (not intel) thanks jay!

thanks… by now ive already remade the file, but at least its fixed=)