Bug - One pixel line on stereo nadir remove in 2022 release 9.0.1

Hi All,

I posted about this problem in build 485 in October 2020:

and unfortunately, it’s still present in 2022 v9.0.1. Here’s a screen grab:

Easy to fix but still a bummer after a 24-hour render. @martinb any chance you could take a look?
Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks!


Hi David, what’s the exact pixel width/height of the source footage?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the quick reply. Source is 6720 x 6720 shot on a ZCAM V1.

Okay, thanks, and are you only seeing the line when you render?

Yes, it appears in renders both inside Mocha and and the host.

Sorry for the dripfeed of questions, but I’m narrowing down:
Are you using clean plates in both eyes or just one eye?

No problem, separate clean plates for each eye. Thanks!

Hi Martin,

just checking in to see if you’ve been able to repeat and track down this this bug. Some more details about my setup and workflow in case it’s helpful:

I start with a stereo background track. I track a few seconds then copy/paste the tracking data in the dope sheet across the entire range needing to be tracked. (I do this to save time because these are big files. It works since the camera is locked)

I create a remove shape on an separate layer and link to the BG track

I export a clean plate for each eye and patch in Photoshop

I import both plates for the remove and check Use Cleanplates Exclusively.

That’s basically it. Please let me know if you need any more info.


Do you see any pixel issues in the saved clean plate?
If you for example just use the plate as a source image and wrap it in 360 do you see the same line?

No, I just checked using Lens Distort on the clean plates and they’re fine.

The 1-pixel artifact remains visible and stays 1-pixel in size in Mocha at all zoom levels. It definitely seems to be an issue with the Stereo Remove module.

Ok. the main issue i’m having right now is not being able to reproduce it. Would it be possible to get a small sample of the project to test with?

Sure thing. I’ll package up a 10 second clip with my clean plates and Mocha project. I’ll also simplify the AE project as I have another Mocha instance to fix the Zenith. Will PM you with a link when it’s ready. Thanks!